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What is High Power Rocketry? Many have been exposed to Model Rockets, mainly Estes kits and motors. Small, cardboard and balsa wood rockets that fly on black powder motors, and are recovered via parachute for repeated flights. High power rocketry is similiar, but larger. The motors used are larger, and more complex. They use composite propellants (similiar to that used in the Space Shuttle's solid rocket boosters) rather than black powder. Most high power motors have reusable aluminum casings for lower per-flight costs. The rockets themselves are much larger, and stronger construction materials are used such as fiberglass, plywood, phenolic, etc. For more information on High Power Rocketry visit Rocketry Online. They have a plethora of information on the subject.

My current fleet ranges in size from 1.5 to 6 inch diameter rockets up to 9 feet tall. Follow a link below to see launch pictures, history, construction details, and more:

Stratosphreak3" diameter, 6' tall, all fiberglass3" MMTActive
Stratosphreak II4" diameter, 8' tall, all fiberglass4" MMTActive
Hold The Mayo6" diameter, 9' tall, all fiberglass4" MMTActive
Carbon Black4" diameter, 9' tall, carbon fiber and fiberglass3" MMTRetired
Hawk Mountain Raptor29mm diameter, ~4' tall, all fiberglass29mm MMTActive
The Triad4" diameter, 7' tall, fiberglassed phenolic3x38mm MMTActive
USRockets Megaroc4" diameter, 8' tall, fiberglassed cardboard54mm MMTRetired
The Big Ugly6" diameter, 8' tall, fiberglassed cardboard54mm MMT*Retired
USRockets Sonic3" diameter, 6' tall, fiberglassed cardboard54mm MMTMIA

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