Carbon Black is my Level 3 Project. It is currently under construction, but will be complete soon. My level 3 attempt is planned for May 20-21 at the Millican/Brothers launch in Oregon.

Carbon Black is designed around a couple pieces of 4" filament wound carbon fiber tubing I picked up from Chuck Andrus. To complement the carbon fiber airframe, the 3 G-10 fins are covered with Carbon cloth. More pictures and details are in the Construction area.

Under construction. See Construction for more pictures.

Carbon black was launched for a level 3 attempt in May of 2000. The attempt failed due to ejection charge failure. The rocket survived, and was repaired and has since flown 2 shakedown flights on a J350 and a J415. Plans are to fly it in Black Rock the fall of 2001 on an M motor.

August 2001


At an EX launch, Carbon Black had its back end BLOWN OFF. Click here for pics. Hoping to have it rebuilt in time for the aeropac launch in october.

Brothers, OR - May, 2000 Level 3 attempt.

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