Sheridan, Oregon
April, 1999


Launches are held twice a year at this site about 1 hour Southwest of Portland, Oregon. The site is only waivered to 5000 feet, but its a wonderful place to fly. Grass everywhere, few hazards. This launch was particularily crowded on the Saturday I attended, one of the larger turnouts. See Oregon Rocketry's Web page for details. Click on any image for a larger view.

First flight of the day, I'm going for the gusto! Prepping the Triad for a flight on 3 I357's.
Great shot of the Triad. Thanks to Brad Deputy, official Blast Zone photographer for the good timing. As you can see, all 3 motors lit instantaneously. Great Boost! Rocket was recovered WAY downrange due to the main chute deploying at apogee (not enough shear pins on the main chute compartment).
Posing with flight #2. The Megaroc on an I435.
Good boost, just about everything went perfect on this flight...
...except for the nosecone and main chute bay airframe section coming down all by itself. I added shear pins to the main chute compartment that is shared between the Triad and the Megaroc, but the shock cord mount ripped out of the plastic ACE nosecone. Time for a fiberglass one! There was also some minor damaged sustained by one of the fin fillets, but it'll be a quick fix.
Finishing up the day, I took my turn at the LCO table. Its actually a lot of fun when you get to push the button.

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