The Triad is my clustering fix. It is a custom built 4" rocket with 3 38mm motor mounts. Its built for speed, and solid as a rock - as you can see in the construction section. I plan to eventually fly it with the largest 38mm motors I can get my hands on.

Birth of the Triad! If you have any curiosity about my building techniques, check out the Triad's construction.

I've had 2 marginally successful launches with the Triad now. In August, I tried a 3 x H-180 flight, but only got one motor lit. Last weekend, September 25, I attempted to light 3 I-357's, but only got 2. Still a great launch! Plans are to try again with this vicious motor combo at Millican on October 25th.

With the help of Stu Barrett's advice, I finally get all 3 motors to light under the Triad. See launch link below for pics.

Another great cluster flight, this time on 3 I357's. Perfect boost and recovery. Next up, 3 I284's!

Launch on 3 H180's, main chute fails to deploy. Sheared fin.

Dayton, WA
March, 2000
First major damage incurred after a near-perfect flight on 3 H180's
Sheridan, OR
April, 1999
Another cool cluster flight, this time on 3 I 357's.
Monroe, WA
March, 1999
Finally get 3 motors lit under the Triad!
Sheridan, OR
September, 1998
Second attempt at lighting all 3 motors, this time flying on 3 I-357's!
Monroe, WA
August, 1998
Maiden flight on 3 H-180's. Only one motor lit, but the altimiter deployed the chutes as expected, and brought it back alive!

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