The Raptor is my first all-fiberglass rocket, and my first kit from Hawk Mountain. Its a 29mm minimum diameter rocket, very rugged and capable of mach flights on a large H! On its second flight, it stripped its parachute due to a short delay, and ended up free-falling from about 3000 feet. However, it was UNDAMAGED! Now thats tough!

Since building this kit, I have fallen in love with Fiberglass airframes. Not fiberglass reinforced, but filament-wound epoxy/glass airframe tubes. This stuff is so strong, you can stand on it and not break it. As long as it doesnt come in ballistic, the rocket will survive nearly any sort of landing, even with a stripped chute. Visit Hawk Mountain for more info and ordering.

Millican, OR
August, 1999
Another H flight.
Moses Lake, WA
April, 1999
Two successful flights on H motors.
Sheridan, OR
September, 1998
Maiden flight on an F-62.

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