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The Blast Zone features adventures in High Power and Experimental Rocketry.

May 2010.Fire in the Sky 2010 - rockets in the air!
January 2009. Holy Smokes, has it really been 3 years since i've updated the site?? I'm still here...
July 2006. A new spreadsheet that will calculate propellant a, n and ISP* values from test burn data.
June 2006, Mansfield Washington. Hold The Mayo on a 98mm research motor, and Stratosphreak on a 75mm
July 2003, Brothers, Oregon. Flight of Stratosphreak 2 on a 14 second burn D grain 98mm M.
June 2003. New experimental solid propellant simulation software released, BurnSim!
Sept 2002, Nevada. BALLS 2002 Tripoli National Research launch. 7 motor 38mm cluster, min dia N, min dia M, and other such craziness!
August 2001, Oregon. My level 3 flight - Success!
May 2001, Utah. A trip to Thiokol for an SRB burn and the NSL.
May 2000, in Brothers, OR. Many Research flights and my Level 3 attempt with Carbon Black.
March 2000, in Dayton. The Triad goes up on a cluster of 3 H180's, and comes down without a main chute.
Fillible 99 at Millican, Oregon. One day, one flight, one lost rocket. The Sonic is MIA after a great flight on a Kosdon K350.
Balls 99 at Black Rock. THE experimental launch! The Megaroc dies a gracefull death, and adventures on the Playa.
At Millican, the Pine Mountain Rocketers put on a great launch, and even let us fly some Researchmotors!
Badger Flats Launch at Moses Lake. The only launch at this wonderful launch site. The raptor rips it up on a couple of H's, and the Megaroc goes the distance on a K700.
Early Big Ugly Launch Pics. Found these laying around, realized they weren't on the site.
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