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Blazanin VIII. Great launch down at Sheridan, Oregon. The Triad goes for it on 3 I-357's.
First big launch of 1999! The Triad finally lights all 3 motors, and the Megaroc has some recovery troubles.
Experimental Rocketry. Its coming.
Last launch at the Behee site East of Bend Oregon, November 1998. Flights include the newly repaired Big Ugly, and the Sonic on its first K.
Great launch at my favorite launch site in Sheridan, Oregon. Includes images of the Triad, Raptor, Megaroc, and Dale Campbell's Magnum.
Maiden Flight of the Triad, a 3x38mm cluster rocket. Construction pictures, too!
Deeply discounted Web hosting and design exclusively for hobby rocketry manufacturers and dealers.
Pictures from the not-so-happy launch of the Big Ugly at Monroe, WA.

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