July 2003 - Brothers, Oregon


You'll have to forgive me for the short writeup on this one. It took me a while to get around to putting this page together and I just dont remember it as clearly as I'd like.

My only flight of the launch was with an experimental long burn motor in my 98mm min diameter bird, Stratosphreak II. Tower launched and looking to break 20,000 feet. Also interesting was the payload. My first use of the GPSFlight Telemetry transmitter system.

Click here for video of the flight!

Due to some last minute motor adjustments which including reducing the propellant without changing the nozzle throat diameter, initial thrust was a little low. This resulted in a less than vertical flight path. When all was said and done, it went about 14,000 feet up and about 17,000 feet sideways. Good news is the GPSFlight system worked great. Was recieving data from the rocket for the entire flight up untill it dropped behind the hills under parachute. A little driving around and we were able to pick it up again and walked right to it. Without the telemetry I would never have been able to find the thing. Miles away in an area that nobody had managed to land a rocket in yet. Gotta love technology!

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