Carbon Black gets an owie at an EX Launch


Pictures worth a thousand words...

Liftoff! Err... All thats left

Damage up close

Thanks to Matt Rupert for the pics.

What happened here? Well, I attempted to fly Carbon Black on a 54mm 4 grain DPS green motor. Post mortem looks like either there were some bad voids in the grain, or the propellant was too stiff. Anyways, it got about 15 feet up and went bang. The case came apart at the forward snap-ring groove, motor shot out the back and hit the launch pad. Left quite an impression on the blast plate. The fin can didnt survive... I've got video, looking for a way to get it digitized and will post here.

As for the rocket, well, it needs a new fin can. The fins were all recovered, so they'll be reused, just waiting for some new airframe material to arrive. I'll be building the fin can with G-10, as I dont have the $$ to get any more carbon tube. Bummer. She'll fly again, hopefully in Black Rock this October.

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