Megaroc Pictures from Millican '97


Oregon Rocketry holds 2 or 3 launches a year at Millican, Oregon. Its a 7 hour drive from my home in Bellevue, Washington, but the largest field and highest waiver in the area. This was my first trip to Millican.

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This is fellow rocket addict Clay Clawson holding his megaroc, shortly after arriving at Millican. Mine is on the car. We both got the same kit (it was an accident, really) and we're both really happy with 'em. Clay even flew his on a J-350 for his level 2 certification flight.
Here they are, the twin Megarocs (definitely not identical...yeah I did paint mine later) waiting for launch.
Maiden flight on an I211, a 480 Newton-Second motor. (Thats about 107 pound-Seconds of thrust)
Clay's megaroc launching on an I211. Great motor!

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