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Scale Data Collection USB Drive
The one-stop collection of scale data!!! Contains electronic versions of all our scale data packets:
Aerobee 350, Bomarc, Falcon, Hawk, Hopi Dart, Iris, IQSY Tomahawk, Jayhawk, Judi Dart, Patriot, Raven, Redstone, Super Loki Dart, Talos-A, and Titan IIIC

Also contains many more pictures and supplemental data, such as 26 pictures of the BOMARC, 10 pictures of the Falcon and 5 pages of documentation on the RAVEN!
, USB Drive
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Saturn - Scale Data USB Drive
Over 500 megabytes of data of both the Saturn 1B and Saturn 5 vehicles. This incredible USB Drive has crew photos, news references, detailed drawings, blueprints and exploded views, launch manuals for astronauts and lots more. Many items are from Marshall Space Flight Center archives, so you cannot get them elsewhere. Created by Mike Dorffler just for NARTS. Highly recommended for all Apollo Program fans!

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Russian - Scale Data USB Drive
Over 500 megabytes of photos and drawings of a variety of Soviet rockets, missiles and space launch vehicles. The most complete collection of Russian rocket data we could find!

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Falcon USB Drive
Unique US Air Force radar guided air to air missile from the 1950’s. A quarter scale blueprint and pictures on USB drive.
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Patriot USB Drive
Build your own model of this hero of the first Gulf War. One 11" x 17" detailed drawing, two 8 1/2" x 11" drawings and pictures on USB drive.
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Bomarc USB Drive
Large combination rocket / jet propelled vehicle protected US cities during the Cold War. Contains 1/40th scale blueprint and picture. USB drive

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Aerobee 350 USB Drive
Full substantiation data of this colorful two stage sounding rocket flown at Wallops Island, VA, with pictures, USB drive
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Hawk USB Drive
US Army workhorse surface to air missile. A drawing by Peter Alway drawn at 1:24 scale, marking details.USB drive
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Hopi Dart USB Drive
A packet containing a half scale blueprint, background information and pictures on USB drive.
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Iris USB Drive
Unique sounding rocket with interesting roll pattern. Two 11" x 17" detailed drawings and pictures , USB drive

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IQSY Tomahawk USB Drive
This packet contains plans,pictures, and a history of this single stage sounding rocket which was developed for the International Year of the Quiet Sun , USB drive
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Jayhawk USB Drive
Beech Aircraft’s sporty looking target drone missile. Seven 11" x 17" drawing and pictures, USB drive
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Judi Dart USB Drive
Another historical sounding rocket. Packet consists of a half scale blueprint and pictures, USB drive
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Raven USB Drive
Build your own version of this early sounding rocket! Contains a half-scale blueprint and pictures of this early sounding rocket.USB drive
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Redstone USB Drive
Drawings for a Sport Scale mini complete with drawings of the prototype of the US Army missile developed by the Von Braun team.USB drive
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Sandhawk USB Drive k
This packet consists of a set of plans, history on the vehicle, and picture of the prototype sounding rocket on its launcher.USB drive
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Saturn Plans USB Drive
Get a piece of history directly from the Marshall Space Flight Center where the Saturn boosters were developed. Five 12" x 36" blueprints of the 1B and Saturn V, showing external details and paint patterns. USB drive

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Super Loki Dart USB Drive
This packet contains complete data on the NASA workhorse meteorological missile, including two 8 1/2 x 11 drawings, a label detail sheet, background information, and pictures. This packet was originally used by the NARAM-16 Scale Champion.USB drive
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Talos USB Drive
US Navy surface to surface missile sport unique “triple finned” arrangement. Detailed blueprint, background information and a picture. USB drive
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Titan IIIC USB Drive
America’s first “heavy lift” booster. A two page blueprint dimensioned for 1/60th scale display model.USB drive
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