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Handbook of Model Rocketry 7th Edition
2004. By the late G. Harry Stine and Bill Stine. Over 350 pages covering all aspects of model rocketry. If you need to find an answer to your rocketry questions, start here! This volume belongs in the library of every Team America Rocketry Challenge team member. This is the official manual of the NAR. Cover price is $22.95USD

Enter your Team America team number instead of the NAR number when asked, and you will receive this Handbook with free shipping! (Shipping charge will be removed prior to charging your credit card. Paypal orders should adjust the total amount paid prior to approving payment)

TARC TEAM MEMBERS! FREE SHIPPING of all NARTS catalog items when your order includes this book!

PARENTS! You can order this book for your TARC Team Member! Just put your child`s name and team number in the comment box.

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