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Basic Design Rules for Gliders
Basic rules for designing boost and rocket gliders from 1/4A to F power.
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Basic Glider Stability
Basic explanation of glider flight. Includes discussion of pitch and yaw stability as well as boost stability and transition.
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Bi-Wing and Tri-Wing Gliders
Looking for a unique glider design to try at your next launch? Check out this report on the design and construction of bi-wing and tri-wing boost and rocket gliders.
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Effect of Shroud Line Lengths
By A. Brueggeman. A study of the relationship between parachute shroud line length and descent rate. Soften your landings!
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Fiberglass Airframe Fabrication
By Bruce Markielewski, NAR C Division National Champion. A description of the techniques involved in making fiberglass model rocket airframes and components. Get light weight and superior strength from fiberglass.
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Lower Tropospheric Probe
By Dave Babulski. A series of reports describing the construction of a rocket-borne telemetry probe designed to measure the temperature and moisture content of the lower Troposphere.
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Plastic Model Conversion
A guide by Ken Brown on converting plastic models for flight. A MUST HAVE for contest flyers!
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Rocket Stability Methods
By Dr. Thomas Beach and Dr. Joyce Guzik. How to calculate center of gravity and center of pressure using the Barrowman Method.
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Streamer Duration Optimization
Gives experimental and analytic data for optimizing the streamer design of competition and sport models.
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Tracking Tech Report Collection
A collection of articles including altitude tracking and data reduction, two station tracking and the Triple-Trak Tracker.
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