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Launcher Pivot
Plans for building the heavy duty pivots used on the NARAM contest range. Extremely durable, and easily adjustable.
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Method For Boost Glider Analysis
Describes how to measure a glider`s performance by careful indoor testing. It includes a description of the test setup and also provides information for data analysis methods.
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Modular Box Launcher
Plans for an easy to construct wooden launcher.
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Piston Launchers
Get your contest bird off to a fast start for maximum altitude! Report has complete information on designing and building piston launchers.
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Programmable Countdown Launch Controller
Full details for the construction of a speech processing launch controller and relay. A fun and unique project for your range equipment!
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Tower Launcher
Plans for building both adjustable and non-adjustable tower launchers.
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Vacuum Forming
By John Viggiano, NARAM Contest Director. A simple, easy to build and use system for fabricating lightweight plastic nose cones and small parts.
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Automatic Data Reduction System
A report on the construction of a computer data reduction system which determines altitude in two seconds. Includes circuit diagram and program listing.
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