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A single user BurnSim license costs $39.00. The license entitles one person to install, activate (up to 5 times) and use BurnSim. The number of installs/activations is flexible, you won't be forced to purchase a new license if you reinstall windows 5 times over a period of time and have to reinstall BurnSim each time. However, if it becomes clear that the licensing policy is being abused (multiple users running under a single user license) the install limitations will be enforced.

See below for payment options.

A connection to the internet is required for the activation process (manual process is available for non-network connected machines). Once activated, an internet connection is not needed. Once you have purchased a license, open BurnSim and then select the menu item 'Help', then 'Activate BurnSim'. The activation dialog will open. Read and follow the instructions in that window. You will have to repeat the process of activation for each machine you install BurnSim on or if you reinstall the operating system. Please contact us for multi user or site license pricing.


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BurnSim 3.0 Personal License $39.00

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